Tor Browser Alpha 10.0.5 With Free Download 2021

Tor Browser Alpha 10.0.5 With Free Download 2021

The browser allows you to use Tor on Windows, macOS, or Linux without having to install any software. It can work from a USB drive, comes with a pre-configured web browser to protect your anonymity, and is self-contained (portable).

Tor Browser Alpha 10.0.5 With Free Download 2021

Don’t download a torrent via Tor

Torrent file-sharing apps ignore proxy settings and establish direct connections even when they should be using Tor. Even if your torrent app only connects via Tor, you will often send your real IP address in the tracker’s GET request, because this is how torrents work. This way, you not only deanonymize your torrent traffic and other concurrent Tor web traffic but also slow down the entire Tor network for everyone else.

Tor Browser Alpha 10.0.5 With Free Download 2021

Do not enable or install browser plugins

The browser will block browser plugins such as Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime, and others. They can be manipulated to reveal your IP address. Similarly, do not install additional add-ons or plug-ins in the Tor browser, as they may bypass Tor or otherwise damage your anonymity and privacy.

Use HTTPS versions of websites

Tor will encrypt your traffic to and within the Tor network, but the encryption of your traffic to the final destination site depends on that site. To help ensure private encryption of websites, the browser enables HTTPS Everywhere to force HTTPS encryption with the main websites that support it. However, you should still monitor the browser’s URL bar to make sure that websites that you provide sensitive information display a blue or green URL bar button.

Tor Browser Alpha 10.0.5 With Free Download 2021

Do not open documents uploaded via Tor while online

The Tor browser will warn you before automatically opening documents that are processed by external applications. DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING. You should be very careful when uploading documents via Tor (especially DOC and PDF files).

Use bridges and/or find a company

Tor tries to prevent attackers from knowing which target sites you are connecting to. However, by default, this doesn’t prevent someone from watching your Internet traffic from knowing that you are using Tor. If this is important to you, you can reduce this risk by configuring Tor to use the Tor bridge relay, rather than directly connecting to the public Tor network.

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Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • macOS 10.9 and later.
  • Linux, BSD, and Unix

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